Teachers teach …



Teaching methods are made up of methods and principles that teachers use to enable learning. Teacher strategies are determined by the subject matter, in part, and by the abilities of the student learner. A teacher’s choice of teaching method is based on what suits the teacher, as well as the teacher’s philosophy on teaching. Subject area and classroom demograhics also play a part.

Teachers are some of the most widely skilled people around. They teach across ethnicities,  languages, subjects, and across all ages from Kindergarten to high school. Teacher responsibilities  extend far beyond just the classroom and into the lives of their students and their students’ families. Teachers are a part of the community.




Three Teaching Method samples:

  1. The teacher-based method of learning
  2. The student-based method of learning
  3. The technical-based method of learning


Do you spot your method of teaching in this list? … Do all three apply to you?


The teacher-based method of learning

This method can be referred to as a direct-instruction approach to teaching. Teachers are the main focus in a teacher-based instruction model. They are the authority figure overlooking “the empty vessels” who sit passively waiting for instruction. With this method of instruction, the ultimate aim is to seek positive results through assessment and testing. In the teacher-based method of learning, assessment and testing are considered to be separate entities. Student learning is measured through objective test scoring. 

The teacher-based method of learning utilizes passive learning … students can learn through listening and observing precise instruction. The teacher is the only supplier of knowledge and uses scripted lesson plans. This method does not allow for student preferences and does not give them opportunities for alternative types of learning. It is teacher centered. Textbooks and workbooks are preferred over computers and devices.


The student-based method of learning

This method can be referred to as inquiry-based teaching. The student-based method of learning does not mean that the teacher is no longer the authority figure.  With this method students and teachers play equally active roles in the process.  Coaching and facilitating is the main role of the teacher in this case. The teacher will measure student learning through various forms of assessment … both formal and informal. Student-based teaching and assessment go hand in hand as student learning is constantly measured during instruction.

With this method, teachers observe  how students access content and what they do to master a concept. The teacher may offer spelling lists to students reading at their own levels or meet them in small groups to reteach a topic. The focus is on individual needs. Technology is not a hallmark of this teaching method, it is planned and implemented by the teacher.


The technical-based method of learning

Over the past few decades, education has been modified by advancements in technology. The technical-based method of learning uses varying technologies to assist students in classroom learning. Computers and tablets are becoming quite popular in the classroom. Many teachers are using the internet for student research and for homework assignments. The beauty of the internet in the classroom is that it offers unlimited resources. It also enables the students to connect with people all over the world

Personal learning through technology is becoming the new education model. The students follow personal learning plans specific to their interests and personal skills. Student learning is self-directed and individual. Testing is tailored to the individual student and his/her progression. Students can work and progress beyond their grade level. Students needing additional help have that time built into their schedules.


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