Teachers Pay Teachers

The Open Online Marketplace For 

Teaching Resources and Lesson Plans


As far as open-online-marketplaces is concerned, “Teachers Pay Teachers” is one of the best. It is a place where teachers sell their course materials, original lesson plans, and other resources to other teachers. According to Wikipedia, the site has attracted over 900,000 original teaching resources.

Teachers are welcome to submit resources to the marketplace free. They may charge for their resources or submit their resources at no charge. Currently, there are 3,000,000 registered users at Teachers Pay Teachers and many are earning significant supplemental income.

Paul Edelman, a former NYC Public School teacher, founded Teachers Pay Teachers in 2006. He claims that this marketplace for teacher-created materials is akin to an eBay or an Etsy for teacher related projects. He describes it is a place where educators can open up shop and sell their materials to other teachers.

This teacher2 teacher platform for buying, selling, and sharing is quite unique. There are over 18,000 free curriculum products available. It is a place for great  teacher-tested ideas that work.