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In general, people who are employed spend seven to eight hours a day at work. Teachers, however, work many job-related hours after work, filling their free time with grading papers and other school “to-do” business.

According to statistics, retired teachers age 65 to 74 spend about four hours a day on leisure activities … relaxing over food, household chores, socializing, reading, and sleeping. This is slightly longer than the general population.

How awesome  it is take time over meals instead of grabbing a meal at your desk or on the go! Retirees spend more time eating and drinking compared to working folks, and they spend more time working around the house with chores, lawn care and other maintenance. There are enough hours in the day to learn to paint, or to pursue sports and other leisure activities.

The time has finally come to throw out the alarm clock! But, surprisingly, only a few retirees actually do that. The question remains, however … What do you do when  the “umbrella-drinks on the beach” daydreams fade away?

By facing retirement, you are facing the best years you have left, and you don’t want to waste a single one. The kids are all raised and you’ve enjoyed a long successful career. It’s time to quit putting life on hold … time to really start living it.



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