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“Public School Teachers … An Inside Look”

This ebook offers a different spin on the things we know about teachers, in general. Get intimate glimpses into the interesting, personal lives of teachers … in the classroom and out. Beginning teachers may find some of the information here particularly useful. The ebook has three chapters that cover experiences from the start of a teaching career through to the conclusion of a teaching career. Enjoy an unusual and unique look at Public School Teachers.


Our rating: 12

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Chapter One:  The Early years
Day One  (Preview)
Chapter Two:  The In-Between  Years
The String of events   (Preview)
Chapter Three:  The Retirement Years 
Her Retirement Knee   (Preview)





Day One


Imagine yourself in an inner-city school hallway after a nice long, relaxing summer vacation, watching 35 hyperactive teenagers knock and tumble into your classroom for the first time. The first day of school is a traumatic experience for just about everyone, especially for new middle school teachers.

The students, without fail, sit with their best friends and “Don’t-you-dare-move-my seat” is their mutual attitude. You, the teacher, are just an annoying authority figure in the way of important peer-chat and socializing.

Well, welcome to middle school mayhem. “Teenage-ness” at fever pitch. Your responsibility as a teacher is to keep it all under control. What you do on the first day will cement your relationship with these students ……… continue


The String of events


image011Lorna wakes with an eerie sense of foreboding … she senses it the moment the alarm goes off — something isn’t right. As she lay there half asleep, she chides herself, Snap out of it Ms. Brooks, you have a job to do and young lives to influence. Lorna Brooks is a public school teacher who, at the moment, is seriously debating whether to call in sick.

Ms. Brooks doesn’t do “absent.” She hasn’t missed one day of work in the eleven years she’s been a teacher at the high school, but she is nervous about the ominous feelings assaulting her this morning. The soothing shower she takes makes her feel so much better that she rejects the idea of staying home and proceeds to dress for work … she’ll wish she had stayed home, before the day is over ……….


Her Retirement Knee


It’s a hot day. The chirping birds outside her window seem exceptionally loud. She lounges on the comfy sofa enjoying the warm afternoon breezes blowing through the spacious living room. Mrs. Joyce Berry is a retired public school teacher. She is too comfortable right now to move but forces herself off the couch to get a cool glass of the lemonade she made with fresh, organic lemons and honey.

Before she knows it, Joyce is on her back, on the floor, staring up at the ceiling in a half daze. Her right knee gave out before she got two good steps away from the couch and down she went. The old knee has been troublesome but this is the very first time it has ever given out completely … continue


Public School Teachers … An Inside Look – Reviews:


Jill Shea, Teacher …

 11035312_1389150848067482_6426104194267660390_n“I am so happy that I am the first to write a review on Ferguson’s book because I loved it. Ferguson takes a common sense approach to describe typical occurrences in typical classrooms across America. Middle school, high school, East coast and West coast experiences are reported and anyone, especially teachers, can relate to them. He doesn’t need pedagogy or pedanticism. His stories just cut to the chase and explain themselves, delightfully, or depending, disturbingly. My only wish is that there were more stories. As a side note, I think Mr. Ferguson’s insights should be shared in college educational programs. Student teachers would not only be enlightened but expectant that anything can happen.”


Ruth Browne, Humanitarian …

RUTHIE“From this brief sketch I learned more about public school teachers than from some of the tomes I’ve read. It contained simple practical advice, like how important just the arrangement of classroom seating can be. The poignant short short stories were revealing, showing the human side of what goes on behind the scenes.”


Cynthia Parchment, Art Teacher …

PARCHMENT“What a delightful fun memory filled story book! Love the way your sentences flow and paint the picture. I knew those people. I knew those kids. I knew that world, it’s stresses, it’s highs and lows. And like the character who loved teaching and never regretted a moment, still I am glad I’m on the other side of that coin. I still think of that kid that I was sure wouldn’t make it and did. And the one I thought would be great and lost the way. And like all good teachers, hope I made a difference somehow. I am sending the book to my daughter who is in her 6th year of teaching. I’d Love to read more. You are a gifted writer as well as an artist. Totally jealous!”


Lillian Swanson, English Teacher …

SWANSON“Sometimes I don’t even get to read your articles. Today I did read and commented and it was let through, so you will read it. I had wanted you to write for Kindle because your writing is superior. The course you might look at is Project Life Mastery. I think it a wonderful course.”


Kathleen Wells, Teacher & principal …

KWELLS 1Public School Teachers… An Inside Look, is a book that only a seasoned educator will truly appreciate. We all have our similar experiences and we certainly have known a few of these personalities. Brings back a few memories, some good, some bad. I am a retired teacher and principal so I’ve seen it all… on both levels. I think the book is well written and worth reading while you’re having your morning coffee or tea. You won’t be disappointed.

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