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 This ebook concerns everything you didn’t want to know about your teacher. It peeks into corners of their life you’ll never see in the classroom, and stamps them as just ordinary folks like all the rest of us.There is nothing dirty or raunchy here, just a collection of thought provoking situations teachers encounter in and out of the classroom.

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Chapter One:  New Teachers
Arthur Steinway  (Preview)
Chapter Two:  Teachers With Experience
The Teacher in Pink   (Preview)
Chapter Three:  Veteran Teachers
Granny Wright   (Preview)





Arthur Seinway

Untitled-1Mr. Steinway’s heart overflows with love for the newborn he snuggles in his arms. Not yet two hours old, the pinched little face stares up at its father seeing only shadows and muted colors. The father smiles back at the tiny face, but his mind is in the future. He believes this son, Arthur, is destined to be a great concert pianist someday … simply because his last name is “Steinway.”

No one in the large family of uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces and nephews has musical talent. The Steinway Concert Piano historically represents some of the greatest achievements in classical piano — Arthur will carry the family name with pride… Read more


The Teacher in Pink

Untitled-1It is not unusual on a Sunday, to see groups of ladies and gents strolling through the neighborhood on their way to church. The men have on suits, ties and starched shirts, their shoes are polished to perfection. The ladies wear bright, colorful ensembles with flowers, feathers, or streaming scarves atop their broad-brimmed hats. They dress in their finest outfits, worn only on the Sabbath.

Unlike these fine folk, Mrs. Matthews dresses in her best every day. She enters the classroom formally dressed to the nines. This morning she is dressed in pink from head to toe. “Good morning class!” … “Good morning Mrs. Matthews!” … Read more


Granny Wright

Capture (3)Charlotte hurries down to the vegetable patch alongside the woodshed where I sit pulling weeds. “Come up to the house, sister. Mother has returned from the market,” she says. So, I use my well-worn apron to wipe my hands and follow her up the slope to the house. Mother, known as Granny Wright in our community, stands tapping her impatient foot as I approach. She is waiting for me to unload the groceries from the van and put them away … Read more




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