’Monkey See, Monkey Do’:

LI Teachers Accused of Racism for Picture of Students at Zoo


Two teachers followed a photo of a gorilla with a picture of black students that were captioned “Monkey See” and “Monkey Do” in a class slideshow


What to Know

  • Parents and students are planning a $12M lawsuit after teachers made what they say is a derogatory comment about black students
  • The Long Island teachers used a photo of a gorilla followed by a picture of 4 African American students with captions “Monkey See” and “Monkey Do”
  • One of the students alleges the school district threatened him with suspension if he didn’t get rid of a social media post of the slide show


Parents and students at a Long Island high school are outraged after teachers made what they say is a racist and derogatory comment regarding African Americans during a class presentation.

During a trip to the Bronx Zoo, four black Longwood High School students posed for a photo. Weeks later, that photo appeared in a slide show in a zoology class after a photo of a gorilla at the zoo — along with the captions “Monkey See” and “Monkey Do.”

The students and parents announced plans to file a $12 million federal lawsuit against the school district alleging civil rights violations. They want the two teachers responsible for the slide show to be suspended immediately, and eventually fired.