Many retired teachers head for sunnier destinations like Arizona or Florida … some head to states with lower tax burdens like South Dakota or Wyoming in order to make the best of their retirement income. Large numbers are moving beyond U.S. borders for their later years and are discovering quite a few low-cost countries looking to attract retirees from abroad. The retirees who have relocated to these places are enjoying a boost to their spending power.



Secrets Of How to Live in Thailand 

Chiang Mai is cheap even by Thai standards … Thanks to the low cost of  living and to its weather. Retired teachers can live like kings. 1,200-square-foot condos can rent for a little more than $400 per month. Groceries are cheap and good, western restaurants are inexpensive. Enjoy fine “low cost” social events and entertainment as well.

Chiang Mai does have several modern hospitals. Routine medical costs are so low that there is hardly a need for insurance.



49 Ways to Make a Living in Guam

Guam has many pluses for American retirees. As it is a U.S. territory, English is spoken throughout the island. 

Its currency is the U.S. dollar. Guam and Hawaii share the same Pacific climate but Guam is a lower-cost alternative.





How to retire abroad …

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