Just What Is It With Public School Teachers?

images (8)The three most important aspects of teacher-enthusiasm are  enthusiasm about the students, enthusiasm about subject matter, and enthusiasm about teaching, A teacher must enjoy teaching. Teachers must be a special breed of human to accomplish this. I wonder What motivates them?

Who are teachers, really? What makes a bad teacher bad, and a good teacher good? Why would anyone go into teaching, in this difficult day and age? — Read More …


It’s Time To Stop! Teachers Have Been Paying Large Corporations For School Materials Far Too Long

download (9)Seven years ago, when Erica Bohrer, a first-grade teacher from Long Island, New York, started selling her lesson plans on the website, “Teachers Pay Teachers,” she just wanted to make a few extra bucks here and there. She is now a millionaire.

When it comes to their craft, teachers trust each other most, and understand general teacher needs better than most. More than. — Read More …


Public Schools Have Been Around A Long Time … What Do You Know About Them?

2State schools (also known as public schools,) generally refer to primary or secondary schools mandated for or offered to all children without charge, funded in whole or in part by taxation.

State education includes basic education, kindergarten to twelfth grade, also referred to as primary and secondary education. It is often organized and operated to be a deliberate model of the civil community in which it functions. State education is generally available to all. — Read More …


What Do You Know About The Personal Lives Of Teachers? … Did You Ever Wonder?


There are plenty of stories about public school Teachers but very few actually dip into their private lives and thoughts. The Kindle ebook called, “Public school Teachers … An Inside Look” does just that. It delves into the lives of teachers like never before. The book breaks the teaching experience into three chapters:

       The Early Years        The In Between Years        The Retirement  years

The inexpensive ebook is a must-read for  teachers, and an enlightening source of entertainment for anyone else — Read More …


Hmm … To Build Or Not To Build A Website To Showcase My Classroom Experiences. Is It Affordable?

images (6)We recommend “Wealthy Affiliate” or “WA” for building your website. They’ll give you 2 free websites and 2 free domain names and that is only the beginning. Wealthy Affiliate will also guide you and  assist you throughout your web-building experience, at no cost to you. Nothing is more affordable than free. Wealthy Affiliate, in my opinion, offers the most complete and best training available.

For those just starting out. Remember, the key to a successful website lies in your ability to learn and take action. With your FREE membership  you get video lessons (with text) covering all the basics. You have access to a 24/7 forum that will help you solve any problems you might encounter. — Read More …


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